8 Hour PICC Insertion Class for RN’s

Course Date and Time:

January 9, 2025
(8:30am – 5:00pm)

Course Overview:

Our PICC with Ultrasound Insertion Course is designed for experienced IV clinicians who would like to learn how to place PICC and Midline catheters. This is an eight-hour (8) CE classroom course is taught at the corporate office in Lodi, CA. Educational hours will be awarded to registered nurses who complete this course and pass the final examination. This course also qualifies as a refresher course for those already placing PICC and Midline catheters. Didactic Only, No Precepting.

Course Outline:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the definition of a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) by acknowledging the Intravenous Nurses Standards of Practice (INS) and the National Association of Vascular Access Network’s (NAVAN now AVA) designation for terminal tip location.
  • Indicated use of PICC verses Midline.
  • Indicated use of the Modified Seldinger Technique Insertion.
  • Difference between Traditional vs Modified Seldinger Technique (MST).
  • Benefits associated with the use of MST.
  • Differentiate PICC components for the Seldinger insertion procedure.
  • List the procedure used for PICC placement with MST.
  • Describe Flushing and Dressing Changes for PICC lines.
  • Explain how Ultrasound works.
  • Compare the Anatomical differences in PICC placement with and without Ultrasound.
  • Risks associated with PICC placement and how to avoid with Ultrasound usage.
  • Difference between the traditional over the needle cannula access and MST access.
  • Assess level of understanding through post testing achieving 80% or higher.
  • Demonstrate scanning skills and competency identifying structures of the peripheral
    vascular system by differentiating vein from artery and completing skills sheet.

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Cancellation Policy:

VIC the PICC must receive all cancellations in writing (14) days prior to the class date.  Cancellations less than (14) days prior to the class date are non-refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel any class if sufficient registrations are not received two (2) weeks prior to the class date.  Please call VIC the PICC with any questions at 866-971-8422.

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