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PICC Line Jobs


JOIN THE BEST – VIC the PICC is a company dedicated to providing its customers with the best PICC line services available. This is accomplished by a team of specialists who are dedicated and committed to patient care excellence.

FAST DEVELOPING COMPANY – VIC the PICC is continually seeking exceptional Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and RVT Sonographers to join our company teams. If you are self- motivated, have excellent interpersonal skills and strong Vascular Access skills, you should consider working with this fast developing company.

QUALITY DRIVEN – VIC the PICC’s goal is to set new Quality Control Standards for the PICC line marketplace. Therefore, we seek only those individuals who can fit into our clinical management teams as contributing players.

REWARDING SERVICE – VIC the PICC wants not only to serve the basic needs of those who depend upon us ( patients, hospitals, nursing homes and fellow employees ) but to exceed their expectations in creating a joyful and rewarding workplace environment.

INTEGRITY – VIC the PICC has gained the respect and trust of its clients by achieving beyond what is expected. We will continue to provide educational opportunities to all of our staff as well as in-service presentations for our customers.


JOIN NOW – VIC the PICC is an equal opportunity employer. To be considered for a position in this dynamic company, fax your resume to 888-723-8422 or email You can also download our Employment Application by clicking HERE.