Consulting and Education

Legal and Consulting Services

Legal consulting is offered specific to PICCs, Midlines and intravenous therapy issues. Records review with development of strategies and opinions of merit are provided. As Vascular Access Specialists and nurse educators, VIC the PICC LLC, serves to review cases, assist in approach strategies, provide research and offer expert testimony.

Our specialty is vascular access in adults and children. We have on our staff a national expert in PICC issues, and he has been an expert witness. VIC the PICC LLC can review cases, provide strategy reports, perform research and give referral information. As PICC experts, educators, and researchers we stay on the cutting edge in all areas of intravenous access, primary complications, etiologies, preventative measures and the standards of practice.

Nurse Education Review

Hospitals and healthcare organizations who would like VIC the PICC LLC as their source for in-house nursing education may call us for a free consultation: 866-971-VICC (8422).

You know your business better than we do. VIC the PICC LLC works with you and other experts in your facility to define the profile of your learners and how the training content will improve their performance and help the organization meet its goals. We will work with you to determine the best method to instruct your intended audience.

Our goal is to tailor an educational program that fits the individual needs of your facility.  Not all healthcare organizations are alike, and we recognize this. Therefore, we spend some time surveying your facility to identify and understand the specific needs of your staff. We then create an educational program that is designed to suit the goals of your health care staff.

Please call us: 866-971-VICC (8422)