VIC the PICC is a comprehensive Vascular Access Company. We provide PICC and Midline insertions, Peripheral Venous Access as well as Continuing Education, Precepting and Consulting for Hospitals, Long-Term Care and other Healthcare Facilities.

VIC the PICC offers the following services 24/7/365

PICC/Midline Placement with Ultrasound

ECG Guidance Technology for PICC Confirmation

Peripheral IV Insertions


Line Removal

Port Access

24/7/365 Triage Nursing Services

The Benefits of Using VIC the PICC

No extra fees for After-Hour Services

99.2% PICC Insertion Success Rate

Less than 1% Infection Rates (0.67%)

If unable to Confirm with ECG we are Partnered with Digital X-Ray Providers for PICC Placement Verification at a Cost Savings

All Employees meeting Joint Commission Standards and Testing

Over 20 years for Vascular Access Experience