Why VIC the PICC?

Some patients have veins that are difficult to palpate or locate, therefore ultrasound offers an excellent solution for finding competent veins that may lie several centimeters under the skin or near an artery.

Using ultrasound, veins can be accessed higher up the arm (above the antecubital space), out of the way of everyday procedures performed during bedside care and reducing related complications during infusion.

This ultrasound technique allows the PICC to be and accurately inserted on the first stick, avoiding dangerous and painful complications.

VIC the PICC’s staff has proven expertise in this field achieving greater than 99% success rates at the bedside.

Our experts, Certified PICC nurses, use state-of-the-art ultrasound, have successfully placed thousands of PICC lines using only one IV device per procedure, VIC the PICC now makes these experts available to your facility as needed. ON CALL !